These schools have been sorted out as outstanding among other primary schools in Nigeria. Criteria for selection includes facilities and equipment availability for teaching and learning, teaching staffs quality, teachers willingness to teach, teachers mastery of subject, student-teacher ratio, sports and fitness activities, school environment, students performance in external examinations and competitions. 

To view the schools' website, click on the school name below:

7.     Grange School (Lagos) 
10.            Christ Assembly Primary School(Lagos)
11.            Children's International School (Lagos)
12.            ADRAO International School (Lagos)
13.            El-Amin International School (Niger)
14.            Regent British School (Abuja)
15.            PaceSetters Academy (Abuja)
16.            Greennoak International School (Rivers)
20.            HillCrest School (Jos)

If your school is not listed, and you strongly feel it should be in this list of "Best 20 Primary Schools in Nigeria" kindly e-mail me via "" stating the Name of your school, Location, Website (if any), and your reason on why your school should be included and I will reply you immediately. You can also comment in the box below by signing up or posting as anonymous. 

(Note: This List is being reviewed every three month) 
Last Updated: 19th November, 2017


  1. It's nice to see a public school on the list "Lagos state model sch"

  2. Most private primary schools in Nigeria are below standards. the fees determines the quality most times

  3. Pls Mr Ade, I need private coaching for my son in Basic 4.

  4. This list is ridiculous. Corona, Ogun State at #6, when Corona VI (currently, the best branch) and Ikoyi did not even feature on it? St. Saviour's and Hillcrest are at the bottom of the list, behind ADRAO which should not even be on a top 20 list. Also where are top schools like The Learning Place, Greenwood House, Riverbank, etc. Please go and do proper research so you don't lead people astray.

  5. I guess you haven't seen Role Model School. Lagos. Belongs to Daystar Church

  6. I guess you haven't seen Role Model School. Lagos. Belongs to Daystar Church

  7. Mr. Ade you forgot St.John Paul II Montessori School, Uyo Akwa Ibom State. It is owned by the Former Governor's Wife Mrs Uloma Godswill Akpabio. In South South, it is rated as one of the best.

  8. Thanks for the useful information. It's easy to understand.
    Please help me suggest

    The Best School in Perambur

    The Best School in Vyasarpadi

  9. Mr. Ade, you actually forgot about International Early Learning Center located at 15/17 Umuodu Avenue, Abayi, Aba,Abia State.


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